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HI I will try once more. I loaded the three files mentioned and restarted the machine. I suspect I am close but don't know which files to move nor where or????

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SL Jobe. Tried 1 2 3 and it didn't work. Tried 1 3 2 ditto. I have an iMac snow leopard Doesn't work for me on Snow Leo Tried different orders, and Just plainly says no camera or scanner connected.

Okay, correction. It started working after I manually removed all Canon-related drivers and software, and rebooted! So perhaps you should mention that in the instructions above.

无法在Mac OS X上声明使用C libusb的USB接口

I dusted off my Lide 30 and I haven't had this think work since Leopard had to use it with vuescan. This is a nice free alternative and the software is nicer! Worked perfect on Snow Leopard!!! Thanks for posting. I just went through all the steps as is, listed above. The Canon website said it wasn't supporting the LideScan 30 scanner on Snow Leopard, but I did a last ditch search for "lidescan 30 snow leopard" and got this page. You're a genius. Thanks for making someone's life a little better. Does anyone know if this works on Lion?

Haven't upgraded to Lion yet.

TWAIN SANE Interface for MacOS X — older versions

K and A Alesandrini. Instructions worked perfectly in Lion for my LideScan You're a life saver. Hi CoolAJ86 thanks for the post. Works great for me on Lion For command line use, restart was not necessary. For some reason my scans are all skewed.

Build on MacOS X

The preview looks fine but the actual scan looks like someone moved the photo during the scan. Anybody else seeing this? That was my problem when I saw that. It works great with my iMac i7 and Lide 30, but all the saved files like jpeg, png etc. Only the preview is ok! I have the same problem with skewed scans on lion on an i5 mac book pro and Lide Previews are fine.

Same here.

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Preview looks great. Scan is skewed.

API Differences between 10.14 and 10.15

Hi Thanks a lot!! Works great. I have listed my I have listed my experience for others. I followed the steps for OS X I also had the scanner connected to the MBP while installing. After step 4 before the 'Reboot' step , the scanner came to life. Launched Image Capture, scanner started perfectly, no problems with the image. Have just done this and have not rebooted yet - but it is working perfectly.

Create Bootable OS X Lion or Mountain Lion USB Drive

Fantastic, thanks a Million! Hi folks! I also get my images skewed while the p I also get my images skewed while the previews are well. But - what is even stranger - sometimes, without any logical explanation, the are well but just 2 o 3 images in 25 or 30 scans Most of them are skewed Do you know why?

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  5. Any solutions? Does anybody have an explanation or better a solution?? Unfortunately I have I'd like to try it again, but how do I uninstall the stuff I did in Steps 2, 3, and 4? Where are they on the computer? I'm a clueless user! Jeff Fox. I am running Snow Leopard Software installed with no issues.

    I did not have to reboot. Nope didnt work. Lastly I googled it and all I found were people with the same problem and no answers. Hi, I got the same problem until I realized that it "just works". I think it uses libusb internally so it is not listed as a regular usb device. OS X Version After approx. Anyway what can I do to eliminate these error messages? Hey, Thats just the issue is it doesn't just work. I have now tried it on Four count it four different macs and it doesn't seem to create the cu.

    I've even used two different usbasp. It used to work just fine Anyone that might have some guidance please help. Any chance for a solution here? If not, you might want to try and uninstall the SANE-driver and its supporting files completely please see other comments on this for more detail , and then reinstall the OSX FYI : I have also contacted ellert. I have been reading and trying lots of different possible solutions to get my hp scanjet c working again There are no other files anywhere.

    Perhaps this is somehow related? Any clue or suggestions would be much appreciated! This tutorial and the links to the drivers is excellent. Thank you. I have an issue with my Mac running All lower resolutions are distorted as though the scanned image was shifted to the side as it went. I have not used rotation settings. Any idea as to what I might need to do to correct this? I am happy to have the full resolution, and the resulting images are impressive.

    This kind of behavior seems to appear when using the SANE-driver sometimes…. Hi MacManus, really thanks, finally it worked! With my OS X Pingback: tip : which scanners are compatible with OSX I have Problems to install Twain Sane on Mavericks. Your problem probably has something to do with OSX Could it be you are using additional software for scanning that is not Intel-compatible, but needs the Rosetta-feature?

    The upgrade form MacOSX It might also be you erratically downloaded the OSX Any other advice? Hi MacManus, I would like to thank you for helping all of us in bringing our scanners back to life! Thank you very much, Roberto. Thanks for the feedback! To be able to give helping you a try, please supply the following info : — what version of OSX are you running? SANE drivers? TWAINbridge app? General idea?

    Thanks for the info. Version: 1.

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