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Opening PUB Files Without Microsoft Publisher

Because it is a print-ready file, a PUB file can be printed on any desktop printer when printed from within Microsoft Publisher. Although some commercial printing services accept native PUB files for printing, the format is not as widely accepted as other page layout programs. Creating PDF files of Publisher documents is the best way to deliver them to commercial printers. Check with your printing service to be sure.

Microsoft Publisher for Mac Alternative

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A graphic designer, writer, and artist who writes about and teaches print and web design. Visit the Mac App Store and click on the "Productivity" category to learn about and purchase Pages, a program that many would point to as the most obvious equivalent to Publisher.

Part 2: Directly Saving Publisher to PDF in Publisher 2007-2010

With layout and design features that meet most design tasks, Pages often comes pre-installed on new macs for free. If you didn't get it for free, it is affordable. It's part of a software suite called iWork, so also take a look at its teammates Keynote and Numbers as well. Perhaps one reason why Microsoft hasn't made a Mac version of Publisher is because it makes a Mac version of Microsoft Word that can do almost as much.

Comb through a few tech blogs and forums and you'll see that people lamenting the need for Mac Publisher are usually nudged toward Microsoft Word. It's true that Word does a lot for its Mac users: With drawing tools, text effects and specialty printing settings as well as templates, you can produce fliers, brochures, banners and newsletters that look sharp.

Because you might wind up buying Microsoft Office for Mac anyway for other tasks, Word is a cost-effective solution to your publishing needs.

How to Open a Microsoft Publisher File on a Macintosh

It's free because open source programmers produce it — just download it from Apache and install it on your hard drive. Like Microsoft Office, Open Office is a suite of programs. One member, Draw, is considered a Publisher substitute. Previous Versions : To share Publisher or above files with users of Publisher 98, save the file in Pub 98 format. Send the recipient a file that they can print to their desktop printer.

Opening Microsoft Publisher Files in InDesign

They won't be able to view it onscreen but they can get a fairly accurate printout. Several methods are available although they do have their drawbacks:.

Publisher for Mac

You can then either post the files on the Web and send recipients the address to go view the files or send the HTML files to the recipient for them to view offline in their browser. If you send the files, you'll need to include all the graphics as well and make sure you set up the file so that all HTML and graphics reside in the same directory so the recipient can place them anywhere on their hard drive. The exact procedure will depend on your email client and how it is received by the recipient will depend on what email client they use and if they accept HTML-formatted email.

The recipient will be able to view the document on-screen or print it. However, the recipient must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader it's free installed. There is also some printer drivers and software available that allow you to create PDF files from almost any Windows application.

enter site When you have a file in the native Publisher format. You'd have to get the entire Office Suite but you could get a trial version of the latest Publisher.

Explore a variety of ways to share, view, or open PUB files

Use it to open and view your file. It may be possible to convert a.

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PUB file into the native format of some other desktop publishing software.