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For those lawyers, stand-alone time-tracking apps are a viable option. Nevertheless, it is still more efficient than tracking your time on a paper time sheet.

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What follows is a description of some of time-tracking software products that are often used by lawyers. This is not an all-inclusive list, but includes a number of different types of tools, one of which is sure to suit your needs.

Time can be entered from any internet-enabled device, including mobile phones. This software integrates with many of the premise-based legal billing systems commonly used by firms, so that once the billable time is entered using Carpe Diem, it will sync with the billing program. This software facilitates mobile time-tracking via timers and time entry from any mobile device.

Using it, you can enter and track billable time and expenses. Client information can be copied from your contact list, or you can import client information, projects, tasks and expenditure lists from CSV files.

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You can categorize clients by project and run multiple timers at once. Time Miner is a mobile app that collects and tracks billable calls and text messages made on your mobile phone. Here's a guide that can help you decide. Legal time and billing software can save you literally days of administrative work reconciling, referencing, and compiling timesheets and invoices.

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There are many choices out there specifically for attorneys that can help you keep track of time better than a stop watch, create invoices, reconcile accounts, and sync all that information into your law practice management software so you have an accurate and holistic view of the man-hours being put into matters. Time Tracking. This means time tracking specifically, but not billing or invoicing. Expense Tracking. A check in this box means the software is capable of tracking business expenses and organizing them accordingly.

Online Payments. This means you can accept credit card or e-check payments within your timekeeping and billing software, either through its own payment portal or via a third-party integration like PayPal or Square. Most online payment services come with a processing fee. Request Payments. A check here means you have the ability to request payments through the system itself, rather than attaching an invoice to an email. Recurring Payments. A check here means that you can use the software to provide estimates to your client or to yourself to assess the cost or profitability of a matter.

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Firms often need reports that help them assess things like which firm members are the most profitable and how long certain matter types take. Allowing you to effectively forget about downtime and IT expenses.

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CosmoLex is the fastest legal practice management software on the market. Search for:. Mobile Use. On Any Device Most of us now use more than one device every day.

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