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Diego cruz dice: 4 diciembre en am. Windows may be using an older version of MT Extra, even though the newer version has been properly installed. On the Mac, if Word happens to install all of its fonts into the per-user fonts folder for some reason maybe an Office reinstallation, etc.

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MathType for Mac does list the path to the older MT Extra file, which is helpful as it could be in any of several places. If you reinstall or upgrade your word processor, manually install the equation editor that comes with your word processor, install a new program that contains an equation editor, apply a service release or patch or update to your word processor, or use the "Detect and Repair" feature that comes with Microsoft Office, very often these installers will overwrite the version of MT Extra that comes with MathType , resulting in an error message when launching MathType because the newer, enhanced version of MT Extra has been replaced with an older version.

The simplest way to address this problem is to reinstall MathType. If you downloaded MathType and no longer have the installer, you can download another copy from our Downloads page , but please make sure to download the version you are licensed for. If you are licensed for MathType 6.

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You can manually install MT Extra, but you should first remove all the copies already installed on your computer. It's best to have only 1 copy of a font on your system. In the latest versions of Windows, deleting a font isn't impossible, but doing so is more trouble than necessary. In the font preview window, click and answer Yes if it asks you whether you want to replace it.

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Note: Because only one copy of MT Extra will be shown in the Fonts Control Panel at a time, you must refresh your fonts list after deleting each copy of it so that if another copy of MT Extra is in your fonts folder, it will appear. It may be necessary to delete and refresh your list a number of times to delete all copies of MT Extra.


If another copy of MT Extra appears in your fonts list, the actual file name for the font will be different. MT Extra should be installed into your Fonts folder and you should no longer receive an error message when launching MathType.

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We hope this has been helpful. As always, please let us know if you have questions about this, or if you have additional techniques that work. We'd love to hear from you. The information on this page applies to: MathType 6 and later Windows and Mac.