Wedding photo album software for mac

Take your images out of cyberspace and off your camera, but you need the right tools. If you want an easy-to-use application, Moments is by far the best choice, one of the top album maker, from the novice family photographer to someone taking professional photos. You can personalize any album to meet you or your customer's wishes. It's so easy to use, anyone can use it, not just professional photographers. Moments presents itself as a highly intuitive album designer providing great tools and features. Creating your first album is a breeze. This handy application also allows to create pages for beauty and fashion magazines, coffee table books and more.

Moments is the fastest, easiest to use and most affordable. We offer a better alternative to more popular titles: Fundy, Smart Albums 2 and others alike. You have full control using our spread editor , from the cover to the last page.

How to make photo book with excellent album software for Windows/Mac

Choose from different styles that work best with your manufacturer: The export process is flexible as well. You can export ready to print, as full spreads, but you have the option to export as single pages if your print shop needs it like that. Low resolution export is also possible by exporting as proofs, you determine the width and height for a perfect match to any local or online proofing gallery of your choice.

Dealing with your clients has never been easier. Your first album is easy, the new project wizard walks you through the basics: Everything is easy to find. When starting out, we walk you through the process step-by-step and explain every option and setting you have available to you. Everyone using this product has a different amount of experience and expertise with photography and image editing which is why Moments tries to make it as easy as possible so no one is left behind.

With templates, you are given easy to use patterns and you just have to drag and drop in your images. Use high quality templates to personalize your album to your wishes. Just drag and drop. If you can play Solitaire on a computer, you can create a dazzling photo collage for any occasion.

Photo album (Mac OS X)

Many of the templates include space for text so if you want to include information about the images, a story, and special words, there is spaced already built in to make it easy to do. You can easily experiment with different layout and pick the best option for your images and text. Adding unique quotes that match your style and personality is a great way immortalize that big moment. From serious to humorous, put a fresh twist on your stationery items and signage. Text and images work seamlessly together creating stunning possibilities.

Font styles, sizes and colors are all available and easy to use. All of the pictures are on different layers so they are easy to manage and organize. The easy drag and drop feature is a lifesaver and makes album creation a breeze, no matter your level of experience. You can easily crop your images, too, to fit your vision.

Crop aspect ratios are: You can also add professional filters and overlays with a few clicks. You can easily adjust luminosity and contrast to make different aspects stand out, apply different effects such as black and white, sepia and blur until your pictures match the vision you have in your head. Add overlays like snow, dust, soap bubbles, light effects and more to personalize your image. You can adjust every picture or just one on a layout; all of the personalization is up to you.

Moments is so easy to use, it allows you to create layouts and spreads only limited by your creativity and imagination. You have full creative freedom to amaze your customers and bring in new ones. Whatever you decide, it's quite easy. Set alignments; add borders and more so you can translate the exact vision in your head onto paper. Once you are happy with the result, it is easy to export and send to the printer. Printers prefer different formats, and you have options on how to export your project.

Enjoy making albums

You can export all or specific pages as a spread, two pages per file like when you open a book, or a split, with one page per file. If you are a photographer and want to show the progress to your client, you can export as proofs and give them a sample to better understand how the project is transforming. The best part is that it is not just a simple application.

Sure, it works great to showcase your stunning photos from your big day. But it always works for other styles including photo collages, coffee table books, baby books, family photo books and more. Creating a layout that looks good and has a lot of content is a very difficult task. Magazine-style is a popular choice.

Experiment with text and image layouts to achieve that professional look. Your spreads have never looked more beautiful.

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Lots of presets Having lots of presets is a must. Presets being page templates, borders, captions, effects, etc. No online solutions Online solutions and software that is closed only usable with the online service are out of the question. Professional-looking It is not important to me for it to have thousands of frames and effects, I just want them to look professional and not amateur. Customizable If I can customize the effects, frames, placing of photos, etc.

Read more about locked posts here. Finao has long time been one of the best wedding album studios. You pay for what you get though. Paul Round Paul Round 2, 10 I'm not asking for a way to print a book. Actually, sometimes I don't even print my projects, if they are intended for the web viewing. I'm looking for a way to create it. The software recommended is for creating it.

Since the question says professional , that's what I thought of too.

Make beautiful slideshows

Professional photo books — ones you might see in a bookstore — are certainly created that way. Maybe that's not what you actually want? If so, it might be good to edit the question to use a different term — "professional" can mean a lot of things to different people. I've edited my question with a "lots of presets" section.

No online solutions

Helps a lot I thought you were looking for something to enable you to send book layouts to a professional print shop. I'm not entirely sure what you're asking but if this will help: Roger Bruhn Roger Bruhn 21 1. It is very rare that a private person has InDesign, though. I assume more online options will be added. Photo of the Week. Submit your photo Hall of fame.

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